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Narwhale io

Become a mighty sea creature armed with a sharp tusk in! Attack your enemies by piercing through them at high speeds, dodge their attacks and get upgrades for every kill. Can you become the champion of the never-ending online fight for survival?

Despite its simple concept, this game is quite enjoyable because of the well thought out mechanics. The gameplay is fast, satisfying and unforgiving, the controls are intuitive and responsive and the graphics are basic but serve their purpose perfectly well. The character swims automatically, the player needs to direct it by moving the mouse. Clicking the Left Mouse Button will launch the creature forward piercing everyone on the way. One touch of the deadly tusk is enough to cut an enemy in half, but it also works the other way around, so it’s important to dodge attacks by clicking RMB.

It’s not easy to play a single game without dying at least once, but staying alive is very rewarding: your various traits constantly upgrade after every kill, improving your speed, stamina and recovery. If you grow to appreciate Narwhale io, it will grant you hours of free entertainment. Join a server and have fun!

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